By Brandy Landon
Apr 17, 2019

EarnhartBuilt & Milestone Premier Properties team up to help the homeless of the Grayson County Community.

“When Jonathan Earnhart first approached me about helping him and his brother, Jason Earnhart, with an idea of hosting a gourmet dinner for the homeless in our community, without hesitation I said ‘yes’!” – Brandy Landon, Milestone Premier Properties.

The idea for the homeless dinner was inspired by the Earnhart brothers after they were nominated as a participant for “Best Builder” by the Best of Texoma. After hearing they had to “pay to play,” they immediately thought of what they could do with thousands of dollars, in helping out the community. The homeless are everywhere, and many in our own back yard. There are many organizations in Texoma that help these people regain confidence to improve their quality of lives. Unfortunately, there are many that are still without help.

The event started out as a dinner hosted in the office building of EarnhartBuilt, but turned into so much more as we started marketing the event on social media, asking for volunteers for the evening. Not only did we get more volunteers than we could ask for, the entire community of Texoma stepped up with donations, clothes, and support. It was quite literally, amazing.

The evening consisted of “shopping” where the guests were able to take as many clothes, blankets and hygiene products as they could hold. A top-hair stylist donated her time by giving fresh hair cuts. The dinner consisted of prime rib, lobster baked-potatoes and endless appetizers. The evening ended with people chatting and “hanging” out with each other.

The night deemed to be one of the most talked about events, and many people were already offering services to help if there was another event.

Over 125 meals were served, and the smiles and comments of the people who attended were priceless.

Stay tuned for more events hosted by EarnhartBuilt & Milestone Premier Properties and see how you can help with the next!