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Full-Service Property Management Fees

What do we do differently than other property management companies? We offer flat fees. That’s right – no hidden/extra fees! Majority of property management companies charge a percentage of rent. On top of that, owners often pay additional fees for other services that should’ve been included in the management fees paid.

More advantages of charging flat fees:

Management fees are based on the work needed to manage the property, not based on the rent received.
Property owners get to select a pricing package that they need. Pay only for what is needed.
Pay the same management fees regardless of property size.
Property owners know what to expect – no additional fees!

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Meet your property manager!

Brandy and her team are dedicated to growing in both real estate and the community. With high aspirations to become the go-to Property Management company in North Texas, they focus on excellence in client relations and customer service.

Brandy Landon started Milestone Premier Properties with a vision to do things differnetly, and to shake up the way in which realtors conduct services in North Texas. Through persistence, learning & adapting, and continually putting the needs of our client’s first, we know we are the we are setting the stage to become the premier property management company in North Texas!

You can feel confident that your investment is in great hands!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Milestone Premier Properties?

We strive to be the very best at communication and partnership! Your investment is our number one priority. We have a small team dedicated to Grayson County, which makes us local to your properties. We do not have layers of people to get through or a 1-800 number that you’ll be transferred several times before talking to someone who can help. We are here for you, day and night, and we are always happy to hear from you! Not only do we have a great team, we have the best property management prices around! 

What is the difference between Flat Fees & Commission Based Fees?

Flat Fees are a set number that we have determined based on the amount of work performed. This number will never change. You can always be sure of what our services will cost on a monthly / yearly basis. Commission Based Fees are a percentage of the rents received. A house that rents for $800 per month takes the same amount of work as a house that rents for $1600 per month, but the commission on those two would be very different on a commission based fee structure. We have tested the market and are excited to offer flat rate fees! 

When will I receive my Rental Income?

You will receive your income on or before the 25th of each month by direct deposit. Some property management companies hold rents back one month so they have time to reconcile all their accounts. We make sure that you receive your rental income in the same month. 

How soon does Tenant Placement happen?

 Tenant placement is a high priority for us, but there are many factors that could affect how soon a tenant is placed such as the date in which we market the property for rent, seasonal changes, environmental factors (such as COVID) and a number of other factors. We can typically get a tenant placed within 30 days of marketing. At times it’s significantly sooner, and other times it might be a little longer. We cannot guarantee time frames, but can guarantee that we will do everything possible to rent your property as quickly as possible with an excellent tenant. 

How important is it to provide appliances for my rental properties?
 Typically if people are renting a property, they have to come up with a significant amount of money to get into a new place with their first month rent and deposit. They expect at least all of the kitchen appliances to come with the rental, including the stove, fridge, microwave and dishwasher. Not providing these appliances could deter excellent tenants from renting your property. When it comes to washers and dryers, this is always a plus, but never expected.
Who is the head of the office?

Brandy Landon is our Broker and oversees everything. Under her are a team of people who have specific roles dedicated to the success of your property.

How long have we been doing Property Management?

We started managing properties in 2018. Our Broker has a background in business management and when she entered into real estate, her focus was on investors. She started providing property management services when she found a need for property managers. She is an investor as well, and understands things from an investor’s point of view.

How often do you reach out to Owners?

We try not to bug the owners as much as possible. They hire us so they don’t have to deal with the headaches of tenancy. We will only contact you if we need to and you’ll receive your monthly statements each month. Other than that, as long as we are doing our job, we shouldn’t have to reach out to you much. In the case of situations that need your attention, we will communicate with you via your preferred method of communication. Some landlords prefer calls over emails/texts and vice versa. You tell us how you want to be communicated with, and that is what we will do! 

Do you have a policy about landlords contacting the tenants?

We prefer the landlords and tenants to not contact each other. We find it muddy’s the waters. 

Do you charge management fees when the home is vacant?

We do monthly subscription fees vs. % fees. You will have a monthly charge if the home is vacant, but our vacancies are short. We typically turn around in 2 weeks (depending on the condition of the home, etc). Our structure saves landlords up to thousands of dollars per year on their portfolios.

Do you perform a market evaluation for every renewal?

Yes. We will provide you a CMA upon each lease renewal to determine if we should keep the rental rates the same or adjust according to the market.

Do you have a termination clause if I am not satisfied with the service?

Our agreements are 12 months, but there is an out clause for both of us. If we feel are are not a good fit, either of us can exit the agreement with a 30 day notice.

How do you handle the eviction process?

Eviction coordination is included in our fees. We rarely have to evict because we do a great job screening. Court costs are a landlord expense. 

What is your application & screening process?

We have an online application system that we require all applicants to use. We require 3x the monthly gross income, no evictions or felonies and we take a look at their credit, criminal and eviction history. We will screen the tenants, and send everything over to the landlord for approval. We give you a recommendation, and you approve before they are placed.

Do you charge additional fee for maintenance?

Maintenance coordination is included in our plan. Any maintenance charges will be billed to the landlord. We do not markup maintenance charges.

How do you handle off-hour emergencies?

We have a 24/7 support line tenants can call if there is an emergency.

What do you consider emergencies?

Flooding, fires, broken pipes, or any major plumbing, HVAC or electrical issues that could cause harm to the tenant.

Who pays for pest control?

The landlord is responsible for treating any wood-destroying insects or termites. Any other pest control is the responsibility of the tenant. Some landlords set up quarterly pest control sprays at their expense.

Who keeps the fees the tenant pays?

Milestone will keep any convenience fees, NSF fees and late fees.

What is your late policy?

$35 initial charge. $5 per day after. Late after the 5th.

What is your renewal policy?

If a tenant renews their lease, we will handle the renewal. Landlord will see $100 charge for renewals. 

How do you handle the security deposit?

We hold the security deposits in our escrow account.

Do you do a pre-inspection prior to tenant move-out?

We do not. We do post-inspections and use their Inventory & Condition Form to make sure the property is in the same condition as when they received it.

What software do you use?


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