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We specialize in long-term property management services, tailored for investors seeking portfolio growth. With equal dedication, we prioritize providing exceptional services for residents.



Elevating Your Property Management Experience

We are the mediators between Owners and Residents. With industry-expert partners by our side, we set the standard for property management services in Grayson County. Our priority is to ensure Owner’s investments are protected, and Residents receive the service they deserve.



We are committed to doing what’s right, even when it’s difficult or uncomfortable.

Exceptional Experiences

We provide support in a friendly way to achieve positive outcomes.


We believe in the power of effort, perseverance, and continuous improvement.


“I set out to create a company specifically tailored to investors, although we welcome the opportunity to assist anyone on their real estate journey. My primary motivation was my passion for building relationships and my desire to establish a business that promotes long-term connections instead of quick, transactional interactions. With this approach, we take pride in being a solutions-oriented team, dedicated to offering quality real estate and property management services to our community.”

Looking to Buy?

While we specialize in working with investors to expand their portfolios, we are also here to assist anyone in purchasing a property. We prioritize aligning our goals with yours.

Need to Rent?

We acknowledge the difficulties involved in renting a property. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and hassle-free rental experience for our residents, offering support from application to move-out.

Ready to Sell?

Whether you’re selling a resident-occupied property or your own home, we can assist you! We utilize both off-market and on-market strategies to meet your real estate goals. 

Property Management

Ready to release the reigns of managing your rental property? We offer full-service management from inspections, resident-placement, rent collection,  maintenance coordination, and more.


Milestone traces its origins back to founder Brandy Landon, whose journey began with a modest upbringing and a strong belief in shaping one’s own future. Having worked her way through college to earn degrees in Psychology & Counseling, Brandy’s career path evolved from teaching secondary education to launching a small bookkeeping business and delving into property flipping.

Transitioning from education, Brandy continued to develop her bookkeeping enterprise and ventured into real estate. Within six months, her vision expanded to establishing her own brokerage. Drawing on her background in psychology and accounting, she aimed to innovate the real estate industry through a focus on interpersonal connections and strategic investments. Initially starting as a listing agent for builders and flippers, she swiftly diversified into property management. Today, Milestone boasts a dedicated team committed to fulfilling clients’ and residents’ real estate needs.

Looking ahead, Milestone plans to expand geographically and grow its position in the industry. Goals include managing 1,500 properties by 2033, establishing an investor-sales division, and forming an in-house construction team.


The team took us in and helped us get approved with ease!!! If you have been looking for a new home look no further. I have been with them for over a year and can definitely say this was the best decision I’ve made.

Heath & Gabe


Brandy and her entire team are TOP NOTCH PROS! If you are looking in the Sherman/Denison area, it would be a wise decision to work with Milestone Premier Properties! You will not be disappointed!

Javier Montemayor


As an investor I interact with a lot of real estate agents, and I’m pleased to say that Brandy and her team are top tier professionals. I would also add that Brandy and Milestone support our community with their tireless volunteer efforts.

Jeff Coffey