812 W Sears St | Denison, TX


Home was remodeld for a client as their pemanent residence. The home was purchased off-market for $15k, and is now worth upwards of $180k.


The outside of house received a complete overhual with all new black windows, siding, roof, front and back decks.


The interior went through a complete overhaul. The entire property was stripped down to the studs and rebuilt with all new drywall, paint, floors, and complete with all brand new systems (HVAC, Plumbing, Electric).

The layout of the home was completely rearranged and redesigned. We removed many walls and changed the layout of the home entirely.

The design for the home came from an inspiration of mid-century modern.

This project was completed during COVID, and many challenges had to be overcome with the spike in lumber and materials, contractor and city delays, etc. In the end, the owners were happy with their new remodeled home!