811 S Travis St | Denison


The long skinny house that needed squaring up!

This was such a fun and challenging project. There was NOTHING even, or square about this property. It appeared that there were several add-ons done at some point, but it never really got there. After years of being run-down, this thing was definitely ready for a new life!

Exterior renovations included: Dirtwork to level up the front yard, complete with a new driveway, walkway, and privacy fence. We started the house with foundation work including adding on over 200 square feet to square up the front and back of the house; a new roof line to make the house look uniform and an added front and back deck. Other revonations included all new windows, siding, and exterior paint.

In the living room, we used one of the bedrooms to open up to an open living concept. The entire floor throughout the home is tile and the home is complete with all new drywall and fixtures.

This was the front porch that was added on at some point. Isn’t it lovely? We removed the wall separating the two rooms and added a beam and vault to make this “front porch” a usable space in the home.

There was no working kitchen in this home before so we used this empty space in the old “living” room and added a kitchen complete with custom cabinets, quartz counter tops, subway tile and all new appliances. Of course, the entire home is complete with all new electrical, HVAC and plumbing services.

Here is a bedroom before and after! Added closets, and fresh drywall and doors.

The bathroom used to be inadequate to say the least. From fresh plumbing, we installed a brand new tub with subway tile surround, toilet and custom vanity with quartz counter tops.

Remember when I said we rearranged the whole floor plan? This view gives you a good idea. We moved the “kitchen” up to the front of the house and used this space to build a hallway and bedrooms.

It’s amazing what fresh drywall, floors and paint will do for a room, isn’t it?

This was the back of the house. We converted it to part of the hall and the utiltiy closet complete with washer and dryer hookups and a tankless water heater!