454 Bentwood Dr | Pottsboro


AirBNB Renovation

Sometimes, all you need is a “freshen up!” That’s what we did to this beautiful property. It was previously used as a vacation home, i.e. AirBNB & VRBO. It is still used as a vacation home, but with a fresh look, a few more amenities and the same great location! Over the course of a year, between bookings, we have been updating and it’s finally complete!

The exterior of the home received a fresh paint job and many exterior updates to the land to prevent water from entering the home. This home is built on a hill and a retaining wall was installed to ensure that no water would run directly to the house. We also replaced the front door and trimmed some limbs!

Fresh paint, new trim, updated lighting, new appliances, and updated decor transformed this space!

Sometimes “Less is More!” This living room was rearranged and you can tell just changing the paint, trim, front door and adding blinds really helped this space feel inviting!

We are in love with the exposed brick and didn’t touch it in this downstairs living area, but just check out how much new paint, trim and doors will do for a space!

The downstairs living area was redecorated with a fold-out couch to accommodate extra guests as well as new exterior doors to the backyard.

The master bedroom was redecorated, with new doors, and paint. Just look at the difference a few subtle changes can make!

This drab of a guest room was turned into a quaint room to rest! Finished with new paint, trim, and doors, and redecorated to accommodate a queen bed rather than a twin.

Sometimes, it’s the small changes that make such a big impact. New blinds, paint, trim & door in this queen guest room, and a new layout for the bed made all the difference in this room!