2602 Turtle Creek Dr | Sherman, TX


Large Subdivision Remodel

This property was a unique situation. I was actually selling it for a client of mine and after numerous showings, we did not have anyone who was interested in moving forward. The property boasts great features, but unfortunately, it was under the standards most buyers had for a property of that size and price.

I ended up purchasing it myself and did a quick flip on it. Less than 90 days, we had the property back up for sale. Major renovations to the foundation & cosmetics really turned this beautiful home in a gorgeous subdivision into a dream home!

The exterior really didn’t need a whole lot of work. The roof had been replaced about 3 years prior. The previous owners attempted to do a “german-schmear” on the home but did not finish the backside. A fresh coat of paint, shutters and landscaping brightened this home up!

It might not look like much was done on the inside from just a glance, but look closer! The awful crown molding was removed, the walls throughout the home painted, the ceilings refinished, and one of the most impactful changes was completely redoing the trim work.

With major foundation work being done, the house was not conducive to the tile work that was throughout the house prior to our remodeling. Instead, I change the flooring throughout to a luxury vinyl plank and carpet in the main living room and bedrooms.

This area is near the back door of the home. The paneling around the exterior door was removed and the amazing beams were kept in place. By changing the look, the beams are now a highlight of the home.

The outdated tile was removed from the kitchen, new trim was installed along with a fresh paint job on the cabinets. This really brightened up this space and made it much more cohesive.

Another view of the kitchen. The size of this kitchen is a cook’s dream!

Another view of the kitchen – close up of the cabinets. You’ll notice the backsplash was not changed, but goes very well with the new floor and paint creating an entirely different feel to the home.

Close-up of the bay windows. Aren’t they gorgeous!? The round trim was fun putting in and the natural beam now POPS!

Subtle changes make a huge impact. Updates to the master bedroom include new light fixtures, fresh paint, trim, and plush carpet!

The bathroom received fresh paint on the walls + cabinets, new light fixtures and trim.

All of the bedrooms received new light fixtures, fresh paint, plush carpet and new trim!

Overall, this project was fun with mostly cosmetic upgrades – my favorite!