Avery Snapp

Office Admin

Phone: 903-462-0282

Email: avery@mpptx.com

About Avery Snapp

Hi there, I’m Avery Snapp!

Here’s a bit about my journey: I wrapped up high school in May 2022, and right away, I was eager to dive into the world of real estate and work. In 2021, I got my first job as a design assistant at an Interior Design company.

Currently, I am working in the accounting department with my Financial Manager, Raegan. Raegan and I work side by side to make sure all accounting related tasks are taken care of. My role is to make sure all bills and invoices are paid, as well as prepare monthly statements for our owners. Alongside my accounting role, I work closely with our Property Manager Assistant, Balynn, to make sure that the office runs smoothly.

Fun fact: Balynn Snapp and I are cousins! We have grown up side by side since we were little and always dreamed big about working together someday. 

But that’s not all! I’m also on a mission to become a real estate agent. I love helping people find their perfect homes and being part of their big moments.

What makes me stand out? I’ve got a soft spot for interior design. I believe a well-designed space can make a big difference in how we feel. Whether it’s picking the right colors or arranging furniture, I bring a creative touch to the real estate game.

I’m thrilled about my journey in the real estate industry, eagerly learning more every day.