Cecilia Hagan

REALTOR® | Property Manager

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Email: ceciliahaganrealtor@gmail.com

About Cecilia

Hi there! My name is Cecilia Hagan and I’m proud to say that I have been a North Texas resident since I was just a baby.

I have lived and worked all over North Texas, including Dallas, Frisco, Sherman, Richardson, Denison, and most recently, great city of Denton! I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Texas at Dallas and have worked at tech companies for the past 10 years helping my customers of all types achieve success through technology. I’m also a happy homeowner, real estate investor, DIY-enthusiast, and home design addict!

But enough about me, let’s talk about real estate… Real estate is one of the most powerful tools that everyday Americans have to build long-term wealth and financial security. Period.

I have personally experienced how powerful and rewarding home-ownership and real-estate investing can be, and it’s made me passionate about sharing these life-changing opportunities with others! But the truth is I haven’t always thought this way… Like many others, my husband and I used to view real estate as just owning a place to live and an opportunity to build some equity over time.

But a couple of years after we bought our own home, something happened… we saw some of our friends not only owning their own homes, but other investment properties as well! I was so impressed and inspired by what they were able to do so I decided to learn more. Through countless hours of research and learning from consulting a trusted real estate agent, we now view real estate as an easily-accessible pathway to attain our long-term personal and financial goals!

It took us a long time to adopt this new mindset and take the plunge, but with great guidance from a quality real estate agent with her own investment experience, we are proud to call ourselves bona fide real estate investors! I decided to become a real estate agent myself to help others make this life-changing transition, just like our agent did for us.

It can be scary to get started but I am confident that with the right mindset, ANYONE can make real estate more than a place to live and can start using real estate as an investment tool to improve your financial future!

Whether you’re a seasoned investor, just starting your research, or are looking to purchase a home that could transition into an investment property one day, I’d love to talk through your goals and help you achieve them through the power of smart real estate investing! 

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